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Uppdaterat: 20 feb. 2019

In the fourth episode of AgilaHRpodden, me and Andreas Persson from Netlight talk about recruitment and sustainability. Here's a summary; 

Keys for successful recruitment at Netlight are: 

  • Recruitment is considered a core area within the organization. Same career opportunities and equal pay for recruits as for everyone else within the company. 

  • All recruiters works in-house, i.e. within the company. They are available through out the whole process, from the first meeting to employment. They can explain and know the company to 100%, the culture, pros and cons etc.

  • Employer branding is about working from the inside and out! In order to succeed in the long term, it is important that the employees enjoy their workplace and want to stay in the organization for real. Therefore, it is important to create a genuine culture and an ambassadorship. 

  • Be consistent with the quality of recruiting. For Netlight, competence, cooperation and knowledge dissemination are core values within recruitment. 

  • Work cross-functional with your recruitment and let more people within the organization be involved. Different perspectives are needed and each recruitment needs to be customized and tailored.

How can we find candidates? 

  • Work broad and in several channels, build and maintain long-term relationships with people; a candidate may not be ready to change work today but can be within six months or two years. 

  • Make sure to create a workplace where people want to work and are so proud that they are recommending their friends to work with them. 

  • Create “added value”, targeted activities for the audience where there are potential candidates and customers. This may lead to external tips, others who like the company who suggest candidates. 

  • Search through Linked-In and other social media channels. Also publish content on your social platforms that creates engagement. Ads; Make sure you have a constant recruitment ongoing and hire people when you for real find the perfect match.

What does the future look like in recruitment?

  • Diversity is important; we want a workplace with as many different approaches/angels as possible. Research shows that mixed groups are more creative, dynamic and innovative. Characteristics we need when we meet a more complex environment. 

  • Build true relationships; that are what separates us from machines and technology. Thanks to digitalization and AI we will be able to automate a lot of administrative work, so we can focus even more on people and relationships. 

  • Candidates want to work in an organization that are value-driven and who have a "why?”. Making money is not a reason enough. We people want to work with something that is genuine. 


  1. Talking values and culture in recruitment is paramount.

  2. Work in cross-functional teams in the recruitment process, involve more people in the organization and recruit in-house.

  3. Work constantly with recruitment instead of when the need arises.

  4. Relationships, social media platforms, value-added activities are activities addition to traditional advertising and search that need to be applied for sustainable recruitment.

  5. Customize every recruitment and dare to be flexible, every recruitment is unique!

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